50MHz Transverter

50mhz transveter
In 1986, it was clear, it would not be long before class B holders would gain access to 6 metres so in anticipation a receive converter had already been constructed. It was in fact the local oscillator and mixer from a redundant Cirkit 144 to 432MHz converter. It occurred to me that this could be used to receive 50MHz by retuning the LO to 384Mhz and fitting a suitable RX rf stage. So when the access announcement came, it really was not too difficult to add transmit. This was done in the week leading up to D-day the 1 st June 1987.
Driven by a FT790mk1 and running just a watt or two at first, several local contacts were made. The first DX contact was with CT1WW a couple of days later. It was an exciting time, as new bands don not come along that often.
This transverter is still in use today, although with a new driver and more power.


Built 1987
20w out
434Mhz in 50MHz out
96Mhz Xtal x 4 = 384 (434 minus 384 = 50)
SBL1 balanced mixer TX/RX
Best DX VK6PA OG89 (amazingly worked mobile)
To hear contest station worked using this transverter:- click here 102K(recorded 4/7/02)